Let me guess — you know you should be doing more for your health.

Working out, eating more greens, stressing less — they’re all somewhere on your to-do list. But there are only so many hours in a day, you only have so many brain cells to deal with it all, and by the time you get around to thinking about doing something healthy for yourself, you’re out of time and running on fumes.

I hear you. I’ve spent years in a demanding corporate job and know firsthand that it presents a unique set of challenges to being healthy. But it’s not impossible. In fact, it’s not even hard when you use the right strategies and set yourself up to win.

I’ll let you in on a secret — your environment is working against you. Deadlines. Dinners out. Days sitting in front of a screen. Dealing with difficult people and keeping everyone happy. (And that’s just at the office!) These can all be obstacles to good health and vitality.

That’s where I come in — my mission and passion is to make it easy for you to add wellness into your day-to-day. Make healthy food choices easily. Get your workouts in no matter what. Let go of stress. Sleep better. Feel better. Show up as a better version of yourself every day.

I’m Carrie, a certified health coach and corporate wellness expert.

I believe that when people take care of their whole health, they are better able to show up as the best version of themselves — more generous and compassionate, thinking clearly and able to positively impact their families, friends and communities.

Funnily enough, my path to wellness actually grew out of my first experience in the corporate environment. During a law school summer internship, I had my first taste of office life and its challenges.

Working out was still on my to-do list, but I found it increasingly difficult to stick to a regular gym routine with longer hours in an office and drinks out after work. I was trying to eat healthy but sitting in an enclosed office all day in front of a computer, without fresh air, sunlight or much moving around was leaving me sleepy and unproductive after lunch.

I would be falling asleep in the afternoons, but if I drank coffee then, I’d have trouble sleeping at night. I developed a 4pm M&M habit — which only meant another energy crash from the sugar. It was a cycle that left me constantly hungry/tired, which meant I had little energy and a hard time concentrating.

As you might imagine, I wanted to make a good impression at my summer job, so I started reading in search of a solution — and what started as a quest to find a way around sugar cravings led to a fall down the rabbit hole of diets, nutrition, wellness, holistic health and so much more.

When I started studying nutrition and learning how much our food choices impact our well-being, our mood, and every aspect of our bodies, it opened me up to new way of looking at healthy eating. Learning to distinguish between whole and processed foods, realizing the incredible benefits of plant foods, discovering which types of foods are inflammatory in the body, and understanding that healthy eating is not just about What we eat but also When, Why and How, all helped me see food in a new light.

The concept that every body is different, unique and that there is no one diet or exercise formula that works for everyone helped me take control of my own health — I became the expert on my own body and what it needs.

Most people have no idea how much better they could feel by taking simple steps toward better health.

It’s my mission to support the health of women like you who are out in the world chasing their passions, building careers, and supporting their families by showing up to work every day for many of the years of their life. It’s my goal to give you the tools to take control of your health without missing a beat at work or at home.

Maintaining your personal best health (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) is the ultimate advantage, enabling you to achieve your fullest potential in life. I believe you deserve that, and I’m here to help you get there.

Professional Bio

Carrie Petri is an integrative nutrition health coach and corporate wellness expert. Her experience as a lawyer in finance gave her a firsthand understanding of the particular set of challenges that people in the corporate environment face in trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Having discovered in holistic health and functional medicine the solutions to her own afternoon energy slumps, food cravings and stressful mindset, she has become passionate about sharing those strategies to help others. Using lifestyle tools such as shifting to a plant-based, whole foods diet, practicing meditation and mindfulness, and incorporating movement strategically throughout the workday, she helps clients seamlessly integrate wellness into their demanding schedules. She received her BA from Duke University, her JD from Fordham Law School and her certification in health coaching from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.